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Dakar Rally

Video: The Marreau brothers - 1982
#DakarHistory: The Marreau brothers - 1982 🚗 🇫🇷 Adventurers from head to toe and to the very tips of their beards, Claude and Bernard Marreau had already travelled through Africa on several occasions when Thierry Sabine announced the creation of Paris-Dakar in 1978. They were the first to sign up for this adventure which was tailor-made for crazy guys like them. For their first two participations, they took part in a Renault 4L transformed into a 4x4 in their garage in Nanterre, in the... (682 likes, 16 comments)
Ecrit le 17/10 07:16
Page wall post by Dakar Rally
Have you ever done a barrel roll? Let's do it together. 👀 // ¿Alguna vez has hecho un giro? Vamos juntos. #Dakar2018 (865 likes, 14 comments)
Ecrit le 16/10 04:13
Page wall post by Dakar Rally
The #Dakar2018 presents Alexandre Giroud - Quad - Rallye Raid🇫🇷 3️⃣6️⃣years old 2️⃣nd participation 🎙“I want to be in the top places of the ranking”. 🙌 Cheer him in comments 👇 (334 likes, 13 comments)
Ecrit le 15/10 18:27
Video: #Dakartruck
Ecrit le 16/10 19:17
Page wall post by Dakar Rally
The #Dakar2018 presents Hennie de Klerk 🚗🇿🇼 4️⃣8️⃣ years old 1️⃣st participation 🎙"I'm very excited to participate, after won the #DakarChallenge in Botswana". 🙌 Encourage him in comments 👇 (304 likes, 11 comments)
Ecrit le 13/10 18:31

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